Enhanced Cleaning/Sanitizing Protocols & Social Distancing at our Events


All staff are subject to protocols and rules outlined in DSHS guidelines for restaurant employees, including, but not limited, to:


  • Enhanced training in appropriate cleaning and disinfection etiquette

  • Screening and temperature checks prior to shift

  • Mid-day screening and temperature checks

  • Routine hand washing and sanitizing throughout the day, including prior to and after any interaction with tailgaters

  • Social distancing throughout the tailgate (including work and tailgate areas)

  • All staff will be required to wear appropriate PPE, which may include masks, face shields, gloves, or other items.

  • There will be designated staff members responsible for monitoring and enforcing PPE and social distancing measures


Cleaning and Sanitizing Measures

To help prevent the spread of germs, we have implemented the following cleaning and sanitation measures:


  • Every tent will have hand sanitizer available to the occupants for the duration of the event. There will also be hand sanitizing stations at check-in and at toilets

  • All sanitizers will exceed the minimum alcohol concentration guidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control to effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and reduce other pathogens present

  • All equipment, as well as portable toilets, will be treated with Nu-Foamicide via an electrostatic/misting cleaning system throughout the season, both prior to every event and after each event. Nu-Foamicide is a food-grade, commercial disinfectant and virucide registered under the EPA #10324-166-40672 as a disinfectant for use against SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, Staph, and Influenza. The solution will kill up to 99.99% of common illness causing pathogens while physically preventing future growth. It is safe for food-contact surfaces and is used in restaurants, schools, daycare centers and more

  • Portable toilets will be monitored for cleanliness throughout the event

  • Trash will be removed throughout the event and placed in designated areas


Tent Setup & Operations


  • Each tent will be open on all four sides and include a high-velocity fan to help facilitate airflow

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for all occupants in each tent for the duration of the event

  • A maximum number of people in a tent is 10

  • All attendees in a tent must be from the same household and/or have traveled to the event together

  • Each group will have a unique wristband and only those with that band may be present in that tent

  • Food and beverages will be in-tent delivery only. There will not be self-service buffets or queue lines for food or drinks

  • Tent-to-tent visits will not be permitted. Attendees are required to stay in their designated tent

  • Servers will not enter the tent, except during initial setup. Upon request from attendees to replenish food and beverages, servers can deliver without ever entering the space. The tent will be setup to allow delivery of product without the need to enter the space

  • Trash will be removed periodically from each tent. Trash will be accessible from outside the tent so the attendant doesn’t have to enter the space


Attendee Arrival and Entry

We have implemented a number of measures to make arrival and entry a safe experience:


  • A designated entrance will be marked for entry and a sign will be placed outlining rules for entry and safety expectations for attendees

  • Check-in will occur with space to allow for social distancing between parties during walk-up

  • Clear markers will be placed at the entry and along the walk-way to help facilitate social distancing

  • Hand sanitizer will be available while checking-in

  • All attendees will complete a temperature screening and COVID-19 screener questionnaire prior to entry. Any attendee that doesn’t pass the screening or exhibits any symptoms will not be admitted

  • Check-in processes will be as contact-less as possible with single-use, disposable materials

  • Any non-disposable items, or touch-points, will be cleaned before and after each use

  • Attendees will be directed to their private tent and be required to wear PPE, and socially distance themselves, on the way to their designated tent location


Food & Beverage


  • All food will be pre-packaged and single-use (no buffets or multi-use serving dishes)

  • Food & beverage will use 100% disposable packaging

  • Condiments, cups, napkins & utensils will be single-use and disposable only

  • Contactless delivery of all product

  • Any unused product will be disposed of properly

  • PPE will be used by all catering staff


Face Covering Requirements


  • All attendees will be required to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth completely when traveling to and from their designated tent

  • Staff will be required to wear appropriate PPE at all times


Social Distancing Markers and Signage


  • Social distancing markers will be placed at the entry and check-in location and portable toilets. These areas will be monitored for compliance

  • Additional directional and safety signage will be added to support social distancing behavior