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When Do You Tailgate?   

We tailgate for every home UT football game; the 2023 dates are listed here.  Keep up to date by liking our Facebook group page or following us on Twitter and Instagram.


Where Is the Tailgate?   

See Location/Maps page for information about where we'll be for the game you're attending. 


What Time Should I Arrive?   

Traffic and parking shouldn't be as bad as normal, but I would still plan on getting to us as early as you can.  For games that start at 11:00AM and 2:30/3:30PM plan to arrive at least 2.5 hours before kick-off; For games at 6:00PM or 7:00PM plan to arrive at least 3.5 hours before kick-off.  These are just suggestions, but honestly, I would get down there as soon as you possibly can.  If it's a big game then I would add an hour or two to the times suggested above.  


Where Do I Park?    

Parking in the tailgate lot is not available.  You will need to park on the street in a metered spot, but to get one close, you'll need to arrive super-early!  Your best bet is to park in a public parking garage or the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum's underground parking garage. Arrive early! Garages fill up on UT game days. Tip: Carpool, take a cab or ride-share. Check here for parking maps. 


Is There a Fee to Attend?   

Yes, you will need a ticket to attend the tailgate. To get one, click here or get one at the door on game day. Fees are for entrance to teh event only. Once inside, you can enjoy everything the tailgate offers.

What Should I Bring?   

There are a limited number of tables and chairs available, so bring a chair if you want, but remember, chairs can only be set up in designated areas. Some things to keep in mind are: Any special food or drink that you want, sunscreen, comfortable clothes and shoes, a poncho or umbrella in case it rains, a camera, a designated driver! If you have questions about an item you want to bring, please contact us.     


Is Food and Drink Included?   

Yes! Complimentary food and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are available to you once you're inside the tailgate. We are within walking distance of a few places.  You are always welcome to bring your own food and drinks (but a paid ticket to get in is still required.)


What are Wristbands For?   

You will receive a wristband when you check-in at the tailgate.  You must have on a tailgate wristband to be allowed in the tailgate area.


How Do I Get a Wristband?    

Bring your ticket to the box office/check-in desk at the entrance to the tailgate. Each ticket holder will receive a wristband and granted entrance. Once inside, you'll enjoy complimentary food, drinks, entertainment & more! 


Can we watch the Texas Game On TV?   

Our tailgate ends at the start of the game. We may show the game while we break down, but we typically do not show the entire game.


What Happens If It Rains?   

We tailgate rain or shine! 


Can I Bring My Dog?   

If you REALLY want to. But we suggest that you don't. It's very crowded, the asphalt is hot and there really is no place for them to run around, relieve themselves, etc.   


Can I Bring Friends?   

Of course! The more, the merrier! Just be sure everyone has a ticket.


Where Do I Use the Restroom?   

Port-a-potties (paper and hand sanitizer included!)  are  exclusively available to our tailgaters. There are also port-a-potties available in some public areas for the general public. We are also within walking distance of some indoor restrooms.


Can Minors Attend/Can I Bring My Kids?   

Absolutely! Minors are welcome, but still require a ticket (which is available at the door for a discounted price). For kids, it's good to remember that this is a tailgate in a University setting. There is a ton of alcohol and there will be vulgarity and things happening that are inappropriate for some children.  There may be other kids around, so we do our best to make it as kid-friendly as possible, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to determine whether the situation is appropriate for your children. And of course, you are responsible and liable for them while they're at the tailgate. 


Do You Host Events? 

Yes! We host turn-key corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, reunions and much more!  We can provide space, bar access, food and anything else you need to have a great time.  If you are interested in having an event, please contact us.


Will You Watch My Stuff While I'm at the Game?   

Sorry, we have changed our policy and no longer watch items.  Please take everything with you! We are not responsible for items left or lost at the tailgate. We will do everything in our power to help find them though, so don't hesitate to ask if you do lose something.

What Time Does the Tailgate End?

We are a pre-game tailgate and we end at kickoff of the Texas game; however, we often have the game on while we start breaking down. Bar & food service is not guaranteed and we will typically not show the entire game.  We may remain open for special events and continue to serve.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. 


Will You Run Out of Beer or Food?   

It's possible we may run out of one thing or another, but we have never run out of everything!  We will serve until kick-off and may extend service on occasion.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that we won't run out of your favorite drink or food item as we are provided only a certain number of items per game. We've been doing this a long time and are pretty good at judging how much we need; however, sometimes things happen that may limit what we're able to provide.  You are welcome to bring in your own beer and food if you're concerned that we'll run out of your favorite item. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 


Where's the Ambulance!?   

Our darling ambulance will not attend the tailgate; she's in semi-retirement.




Are You a Professional Tailgating Company?   

Yes and No. We operate as a business, but we're really a bunch of fans who are passionate about tailgating that have turned their personal tailgate into a place for others to enjoy. For professional turn-key tailgate services, see our sister-site,   


How Much Does All This Cost?   

Costs vary each season, but here's a good outline: Spot reservation: $15,000+. Ice, mixers, gas, satellite service, misc supplies: $5,000+ per game. It costs roughly $75k-$100k+  per season to put on the tailgate. This doesn't include one-time costs such as infrastructure (canopies, fans, tables, chairs, satellite dish, etc.). As you can see, it's quite expensive to throw a tailgate like we do!


Who Pays For All Of This?   

The tailgate is funded privately by the owners of Horn-Ball.  Some money is received from our sponsors, but the majority of all costs are paid out-of-pocket.  This is why donations, ticket sales, etc.,  are so important to the long-term success of the tailgate.


Do You Accept Donations?  

Yes! Absolutely! We need donations in order to sustain the level of success this tailgate has. We accept donations (cash, debit, credit) at each tailgate and donations through our website. Donating makes sure our tailgate continues! Please Donate Today! For more information or to donate online, send an email to


Do You Need Any Help?  

YES!  We need volunteers each week to help us setup and breakdown!  We also need volunteers to help with certain aspects of the tailgate, this website and other important things. For more information about this, contact us.

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