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The following actions are prohibited at all tailgates & Horn-Ball events and applies to ALL attendees:


  • Fighting, taunting, or any action that may harm, endanger, threaten, or bring discomfort to anyone.

  • Supplying alcoholic beverages to impaired adults or minors.

  • Failure to follow the directions of tailgate staff &/or parking lot attendants.

  • Actions that impair others’ ability to enjoy the tailgate, including mistreatment of other fans, verbal abuse, harassment, profanity, confrontation, intimidation, or threatening behavior.

  • Any action that causes a disruption, creates an unsafe environment, or interferes with the tailgate, or tailgate personnel.

  • Damage, destruction, vandalism of any kind; including parking lot surfaces, utility areas and all green space or open access sites.

  • Theft of any kind, including providing drinks/food to people not admitted to the tailgate.

  • Possession of any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia.

  • Irresponsible use of alcohol.

  • Smoking anywhere under the canopies.

  • Throwing of footballs and/or other items in crowded spaces.

  • Failure to carry proper ID when consuming alcoholic beverages.

  • Selling or vending of any product or goods without consent.

  • Fireworks or firework paraphernalia.

  • Urinating or defecating on public grounds.

  • Weapons of any kind.

  • Use of aerial drones or any motorized scooters/vehicles


Failure to follow these rules are grounds for removal from the premises, revocation of all future tailgating privileges, litigation, arrest and embarrassment.


Tailgate Staff has the first & last word on Code of Conduct enforcement.


Terms of service


Your participation at any HornBall Tailgaters (HBT) event represents that you understand, state and agree with our Terms of Service as stated below:

Terms of Service: The tailgating area is owned by the State of Texas  (or private entity) and subject to special terms and conditions, including but not limited to: No selling or vending of items onsite.  No permanent markings are allowed on any surface.   Please secure all personal items. We are not liable for damage that occurs to person or property which is caused through no fault of our own or through yours or others’ negligence; this includes Mother Nature and acts of God.  You will adhere to the HBT Code of Conduct posted at the tailgate and online at HBT reserves the right to remove you from the premises and/or limit/cease service and availability to you at any time without return of funds for any reason, legally permitting.  The event is open to the public but you must have a ticket to enter.  You understand that all funds collected are for entrance only and for the sole reason to continue to offer the best tailgate experience around to everyone or for any other purpose deemed by the tailgate owners.  All payments are entirely voluntary and are not a fee/requirement for any products, goods or service at the event; it is for entry to the premises only.  HBT has no expectation of money in exchange for alcohol.  Alcoholic beverages are available to any adult who requests it (per TABC Bulletin – MPB026 [available upon request]).  HBTT are not legally liable for items left at the tailgate, items lost or stolen. HBT may choose at its sole discretion, to stop/postpone/end the tailgate for the day or the season and stop service for any reason at any time.  HBT will make every effort to provide all items noted on the website; however, HBT makes absolutely NO guarantee that all items advertised will be available to you, nor is HBT obligated in any way to reimburse you or provide an alternative (All consumables at the tailgate are first-come, first-served and may run out.)  This Terms of Service document can be amended at any time and it is your responsible to read and understand any changes prior to participating in any HBT event.  All changes will be posted for you to read.

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