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ABOUT is the official website of the Horn-Ball Tailgaters, a group of devoted Longhorn fans and friends from all over Texas who come out each and every week to support their Horns and have a blast.  At our Tailgate, we offer fully shaded, cooled and lighted seating & standing areas with Hi-Def satellite televisions, multiple activities, giveaways and so much more! We strive to make the tailgating experience unique and unforgettable.

The Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters occupied the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd and North Congress Ave., directly across from the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum and UT for 15 years.  In 2017, we expanded and moved to our current location.  We are a well known, charter member of the Lot 7 tailgating group, and are well known within the national tailgating community.  We have been featured in the Daily Texan student newspaper, multiple national magazines & blogs, multiple local newscasts, ESPN, Fox Sports, multiple national tailgating shows, sports talk radio, and national travel networks.  We've been recognized as one of the biggest and best tailgates in the nation (in all sports!) and the 2015 Tailgate Rivals National Tailgater of the Year Semi-Finalist and 2018 Tailgate Connect National Tailgater of the Year. 

The Crew









It all began in 1998 when three UT students captured their love of Longhorn football by celebrating with friends in an organized tailgate party. Three years later they cultivated this tailgate into the Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters, the beginnings of the ultimate tailgate experience. For nine years, Horn-Ball's original three members combined their efforts with two other tailgating groups, the Texas Pig and Texas Ringers to create the Ultimate Tailgating Experience.  With the Texas Pig and Texas Ringers moving on, Horn-Ball expanded its territory leading to an unprecedented tailgate experience in Austin.


2016 saw the end of an era with the last tailgate in Lot 7, the home of the Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters for 16 seasons.  It was closed due to ensuing construction of the Texas Mall.  


In 2017, the Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters settled into their new home, a huge parking lot across from the game day tradition of Scholz Bier Garten, the oldest operating business in Texas. From this location, they reaffirmed itself as the premiere tailgate destination in Austin, and perhaps the World!


In 2020, everything changed. The city of Austin, the State of Texas, and the University cancelled all tailgating due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With limited capacity in the stadium and uncertainty abound, the Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters faced it's first season in 20 years without tailgating. This could not stand. Upon presenting a plan that included safety protocols outlined by the Department of State Health Services, the Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters were the only ones granted approval by the State of Texas to host weekly "Special Events" at the tailgate lot. This allowed Horn-Ball to continue serving the fans of the Longhorns during this unprecedented time. 

In 2021, after surviving relocation, expansion, and a world-wide pandemic, the Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters set out to celebrate it's 20th season of "tailgating" with new life; they debuted a new, sleek logo and rebranded themselves the "Horn-Ball Tailgaters." Ready to take on the World again and tailgate like never before, the Horn-Ball Tailgaters continue to take tailgating to the next level. 

Stay tuned! There's more to come...

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