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We Tailgate for all  Saturday Texas Men's Basketball Home Games in 2020!  

Join us for the best pre-party on game day, just one block from the arena!  

We're open to everyone, friend or foe!  Come tailgate with us, Texas Style!   

Private tailgate space available!


Texas Basketball Tailgating Info

We're excited to kick-off our inaugural season of UT Men's Basketball tailgating! It sounds like a good way to kick off our 20th year of tailgating!


Here are some things to note:

  • The tailgate is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and fans of all ages & teams!

  • You can come and go from the tailgate while we're open. So you're free to grab a few drinks and some food, go around and check things out and then come back!

  • Our canopies are climate-controlled! So if it's a little brisk outside, we can make it comfortable inside.

  • The setup will be smaller than our football tailgate, but will still be a destination. Our goal is to make basketball tailgating just as fun and exciting as football, but with more of a laid-back hospitality feel to it. 

  • Are you celebrating a bachelor party, birthday or another special event? We can hook you up with a private tailgate party!

  • Please check out our FAQ page, which has been updated to address basketball games as well.  If you have any other questions, please feel to contact us!

Tailgate Schedule


Date       Opponent      Tip  Tailgate


1/11/20      Kansas St.     7pm    3pm

1/18/20    Kansas        1pm    10am

1/25/20    LSU              1pm     10am

2/1/20       Iowa St.       1pm    10am

2/8/20    Texas Tech    3pm    Noon

3/7/20 tailgate has been cancelled

Tailgate Location


All tailgates will occur near our normal Football tailgating spot:

17th St. & Trinity, just down from Scholz Garten.  Look for the large white canopies & Horn-Ball Texas Tailgaters banners

See Map Here

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